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Magdalena Swierczewski’s Natural Hair Restoration Program

Those who suffer from hair loss know how frustrating it can be to find something that works. There is a massive market for supplements, shampoos, and scalp treatments that all promise results. 

The real issue is that none of these options address the root of the problem, and they don’t penetrate the scalp deep enough to make a difference. Hair loss can have various causes, so it is essential to address all factors related to hair loss when treating this issue. If you have suffered from hair loss, you want an evidence-based, clinically proven intervention to regrow your hair. 

Dr. Magdalena created an advanced hair restoration protocol.

This is where Dr. Magdalena Swierczewski comes in and treats the whole patient in relation to hair loss. She performs a thorough history and physical evaluation that includes a detailed blood analysis and a hormone profile during each initial visit. 

Dr. Magdalena created an advanced hair restoration protocol, which combines the power of platelet-rich plasma (PRP), high-intensity laser light therapy, specifically formulated topical prescription medication, and advanced nutritional supplements to help repair and initiate new growth of hair follicles. Because PRP is a purified derivative of your blood, the procedure is safe, clean, and sterile. Side effects are rare, and downtime is minimal. 

Combine the power of platelet-rich plasma (PRP), high-intensity laser light therapy, specifically formulated topical prescription medication, and advanced nutritional supplements. 

Platelets are in our blood and support cell growth and regeneration. A concentration of these platelets can be used as a tool to promote healing and tissue regrowth. For hair loss, platelets are injected into different areas of the scalp that are thinning. They then function as natural growth factors to stimulate the papilla cells; they are critical for hair growth. 

Research shows that this treatment has been very effective for hormone-related hair loss. For this reason, among others, Dr. Magdalena offers bioidentical hormone therapy for men and women. She works to make sure the whole body is functioning at peak performance to stimulate hair growth. 

Dr. Magdalena will address other underlying problems related to hair growth.

Hormonal hair loss is widespread and is referred to as androgenetic alopecia. As estrogen and progesterone levels start to slow down, the androgen hormones affect the hair cycle, but genetics can also play a role. Androgen miniaturizes the bulb of the hair and causes tiny baby hairs. There are a variety of medications that can be prescribed for this but to avoid side effects, Dr. Magdalena chooses natural therapies to build your body up to work at optimum levels, leading to increased hair growth.

Dr. Magdalena’s techniques are a game-changer because patients can see substantial results. Although more and more dermatologists are starting to offer PRP, finding a board-certified physician like Dr. Magdalena, who will address other underlying problems related to hair growth, might be more difficult. 

Laser Light Therapy for Hair Growth

The reason lasers are so effective for regrowing hair is because they are very direct and focused and can penetrate deep into the scalp. Laser therapy is a clinically proven effective intervention for improving hair thickness, density, and baldness. Lasers stimulate hair follicles to divide and begin regrowing and encourage growth factors and nourishment of surrounding hair follicles. It is FDA-cleared for hair loss. 

Hair loss is a very frustrating and emotionally devastating thing to deal with. It can have a severe impact on emotional health and one’s overall sense of self. This is an all-encompassing hair growth system. Dr. Magdalena is a board-certified physician who uses her knowledge of internal medicine, integrative therapies, and anti-aging to help those who suffer feel like themselves again without surgery and with proven natural and safe treatments. 

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