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Being a Restaurateur is a Labor of Love

To own a restaurant is to commit yourself to your business, your customers, and your reputation. You are essentially a restaurant celebrity that must keep up with all aspects of yourself, your staff, and your job. You have to be dedicated and careful about everything, because this is your career and livelihood.

Mike Steele, a North Carolina restaurateur knows the ways of a successful restaurant owner and can truly guide and explain how to be the best that you can and survive. “Most restaurants fail in the first seven months because of money problems. You have to manage your funds, do not go over budget, and have an emergency fund,” he explains. “This is most important. Next you have to have a team that understands that appearances and ambiance matter. Every member of your team needs to be in agreement.” 

Many aspects of having a restaurant are built around the aesthetic and experience. Branding these things is important to establishing the restaurant itself. There is a lot of work that goes into it all.

Restaurateurs are the individuals who own and operate restaurants professionally. Restaurants are the business establishments where meals and refreshments are prepared and served to customers. The attractiveness of running a restaurant lies in the wide variety of opportunities it offers. 

Owning a restaurant is a labor of love, and most restaurateurs work long hours. When her establishment is open only for dinner, the restaurateur usually starts her day in the late morning. She has a number of daily tasks to complete before the staff arrives. First, she checks “the book,” which contains reports from managers about whatever happens in the restaurant each night. The owner keeps tabs on things like items to be ordered, customer complaints, and staff scheduling conflicts, all of which are recorded in the book. She studies the accounting records daily and stays on top of the restaurant’s financial situation.

When the doors open, the restaurant owner must be dressed and ready to socialize until the last customer leaves. It is extremely important that a restaurant owner have an exceptional name and face recollection. The most successful owners report that the majority of their clientele are regular customers. The easiest way to gain repeat business is by offering seemingly special treatment, and remembering a customer’s name or favorite table is always impressive. The restaurateur acts as a host, chatting with his customers and making sure they are satisfied. Approaching customers while they are dining helps the owner check on his staff. While this may seem intrusive when done by waiters, restaurant patrons usually love to have the owner inquire about the food and service

There are many types of restaurants—they may specialize in a single offering or serve multi-cuisine, they may have seating arrangements for customers or strictly provide takeouts, they may be budget eateries or posh restaurants. Many enterprising individuals enter into this business as they can open a setup with features those are most suitable to them. Operating a successful restaurant is a challenging job. The restaurateur is responsible for the smooth functioning of the restaurant and has to ensure the satisfaction of customers. They have to appoint and train the chefs and waiters, hire interior designers to design the décor, manage the financial and accounting aspects, and ensure food quality and adherence to food storage standards. Since restaurants directly serve customers, it is vital to ensure that the waiting staff provides optimum customer service. Restaurateurs operating small restaurants also have to perform promotional and marketing duties. 

Mike Steele is a restaurateur in the North Carolina area that specializes in establishing the experience of restaurants and cafes along the east coast. If you or someone you know wants insight into the restaurant business, give him a call at 704-885-6652. 

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