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The Genius Academy’s How-To on Running a Business

Starting your own business sounds like a terrifying thing for many people. For many people, it is, because they simply don’t have the entrepreneurial skills to do it. And that’s OK.

But for some, they have exactly what it takes to start a business. They have drive, work ethic, passion, perseverance. The problem is, it’s not as easy to find a genius moment of inspiration as to what the general public is missing. 

This is solved by things like e-commerce, which allow self-driven entrepreneurs to build a business selling proven products to people around the world. It takes true effort, but it can be deeply rewarding.

Eric Walsh is one of those entrepreneurs, and he’s done incredibly well as an e-commerce expert. Now, he wants to help others do the same.

The Genius Academy and The Genius Academy Automation are the perfect places to start for anybody interested in starting their own business. “This is where you get to peep behind my back and find out how I do it,” explains owner Eric Walsh. “I show you how to establish and grow an Amazon Seller Central business, including how to use my tried-and-true method for discovering products that sell often. All of your issues have been resolved, including trademark and brand registration, negotiations and sourcing with China, shipping, and private labeling.”

Amazon has long dominated the e-commerce sector and is often regarded as the go-to site for almost anything. However, there is always rivalry in capitalism, and a new business is challenging Amazon’s dominance: Walmart. With the introduction of their new Seller Central, Walmart is preparing to threaten Amazon’s stranglehold in the e-commerce sector.

Walsh believes that now is the greatest time to capitalize on this incredible (and mostly ignored) opportunity. In an era where Amazon is widely considered as the finest place to sell things online, Eric believes that many people are ignorant of the opportunities they are missing.

Other retailers have struggled to ignore Amazon’s unmatched success in this industry. Throughout Amazon’s reign over the e-commerce sector, companies like Walmart have been seeking ways to take their own chunk of the digital market pie. With sellers like Eric raking in millions of dollars on Amazon’s marketplace, Walmart is set to enter this lucrative industry with their own Seller Central.

Eric explains why now is the best time to start an online business using Walmart Seller Central. “Once again, Amazon is the root of the problem. They wanted to grow their market share when they first launched Seller Central. They welcomed everyone who wished to sell their items with open arms. Amazon’s technique, on the other hand, got increasingly restricted over time. At the present, Walmart is repeating history by focusing solely on market share. For you, it is a more efficient and scalable model. Walmart, on the other hand, will eventually adopt the same rigorous policies as Amazon. You have a wonderful opportunity right now to create a Walmart Seller Central account and reserve a slot. The issue is that most people are ignorant of this option and are losing money that might greatly enhance their lives.”

You may start earning money by selling through Walmart using Eric’s two companies. “Whichever one you choose depends on whether you want to make money passively or actively,” he says. “Genius Academy Automation is for those who wish to make money while sleeping. You provide the cash, and my team and I will handle the rest. We help you create a legitimate LLC as well as an e-commerce website, which Walmart requires when you apply. Following that, we will create your account with Walmart Seller Central and create listings for the products you intend to sell. Because consistency is essential, we avoid items that are trendy or popular in the short term. Orders, shipping, and customer service are also handled by my employees. This is an excellent choice for individuals seeking a significant passive income.”

That significant income can change lives and there’s an opportunity for many people to get involved. It’s just a matter of them learning how to get things done and that’s where Eric Walsh wants to step in. He truly believes The Genius Academy and Genius Academy Automation can make a difference and help people become their own bosses.

That’s the entrepreneur’s dream. If someone wants it badly enough, there’s now, through e-commerce, yet another way to get there.

Eric Walsh is always happy to provide value any way he can. To get to know him, check him out on Instagram @askericwalsh and give him a follow. Networking with Eric is a great way to learn more about e-commerce and the rewards of passive income.

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